RIMAB Research Portal

Sacre du Louis XV (Reims 1722)

The RIMAB research portal of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (SCB) was created in 2007–09 within the framework of a DORE project financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation. It represents a new, modern tool for musicological research within a network, and is intended to ensure the exchange of material and research results between the project team members in various countries and languages. (The acronym RIMAB consists of the initials of the French words Recherche, Iconographie, Musique Ancienne and Basel.) Hitherto unattainable synergy effects result through the ability to flexibly link image documents with multilingual vocabularies and classification systems, detailed image interpretations, primary sources, and secondary literature. The direct entry of data, processing, and search via the Internet make possible a fast and worldwide collaboration of the project team members. The complete research results as well as the material and source collections are also available – after registration for reasons of copyright – to the interested public.

The first research project of the SCB in which RIMAB found use was La Grande Écurie – Research and Reconstruction of the Instruments and their Repertoire at the Court of Louis XIV and XV. Detailed information on this project is found in the navigation menu under “La Grand Écurie du Roi.”

Concept and Development
The concept of the RIMAB was developed in 2007–09 by Thilo Hirsch in collaboration with Dr. Ruth Goebel, Düsseldorf (www.fafalter.de), and from 2009 with Peter Holzer, Zürich (www.agitator.com). It employs the open-source programs Zope and Plone (see also under “Technical Realization”).

Acknowledgment of the conditions of use
The texts and images in the RIMAB research portal are protected by copyright under Swiss law and their usage subject to restrictions. With the use of the database, you acknowledge the conditions of use.

Decisive for the realization of the present research portal were the preparatory meetings and discussions with Franz Götz of the RidIM Working Group Munich (Bavarian State Library www.bsb-muenchen.de), Dr. Florence Gétreau, and particularly Nicole Lallement, who is responsible for the iconography database “Euterpe” at the Institut de recherche sur le patrimoine musical en France (www.irpmf.cnrs.fr).